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Squash Court Refurbishment

Maintaining Ageing Squash Courts

After years of hard service, any squash court will be in need of maintenance and refurbishment. However, an expensive overhaul may not be necessary; Rebound Squash Court Paint is perfect for refreshing "tired" courts in many cases. Accredited by the WSF, it chemically bonds to the wall surface and can fill small cracks in the playing surface to provide a robust low-maintenance finish.

With the court walls repainted and looking like new, the court will need re-marking. Rebound can supply suitable squash court marking tape in a range of colours to complete the refurbishment.

In some cases, especially with lower-quality gypsum or concrete walls, the surface may have more extensive cracking or even areas which have begun to crumble. In this situation, the solution may be a Rebound squash court patchup kit. This can include:

  • a specialist filler, suitable for all wall types including gypsum, concrete and panels
  • court marking tape with various colours available
  • Rebound Squash Court Paint, either for localised finishing or for the entire court

Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements.