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About Rebound

Rebound was founded in the early 1970s and has remained a family-run business ever since. The first court built using Rebound plaster was in Bolton, near Manchester UK and is still in use today, proving the outstanding durability of Rebound plaster. We pride ourselves in delivering a quality product with conscientious customer care.

The original technology of GRC (Glass Reinforced Cement) was developed by Rebound in partnership with Lafarge by Blue Circle cement and Pilkington E-glass and performance was tested by Salford and Liverpool Universities. The technology has been under continuous development with the aims of extending durability and improving the appearance as well as ease of application.

The critical ingredients continue to be supplied by Saint Gobain and Lafarge cement. It is manufactured to ISO: 9001 and ISO: 14001 standards.

Rebound plaster is still manufactured in England under strictly controlled conditions, with each batch lot tested and forensically traceable. A sample of each lot is secured for quality control and future reference.

The Ideal Squash Surface

Squash is a game played in 135 nations with over 47,000 courts worldwide. The large number of players and vastly improved playing standards mean that squash courts have to cope with unprecedented pressure from the volume and intensity of play. Nothing is under greater stress than the playing surface itself - it must be tough, accurate and lasting. An unwise choice of material will inevitably result in surface damage, with courts out of commission, lost revenue and costly repairs.

Rebound's squash materials aim to achieve the ideals of:

  • True and consistent rebound of the ball
  • Uniform appearance
  • Water and dampness resistance
  • Fire protection and damage resistance
  • Straight forward installation