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Squash Court Plaster

The first squash court to take advantage of the innovative new Rebound squash court plaster technology was installed in Manchester, England in 1976. It is still in play! Rebound continues to be supplied by Pilkington (Saint Gobain), Lafarge by Blue Circle and BASF.

Rebound Squash Court Plaster

Rebound squash court plaster is based on the development in the early 1970s of GRC (Glass Reinforced Cement) from Lafarge by Blue Circle Cement and Pilkington Glass. This produces a material that combines the high tensile strength of glass fibre with the high compressive strength of cement. Rebound adds to this our own specially formulated bonding agent to produce a material that is tough, flexible and durable, able to withstand impact, pressure and shrinkage over many years. It is resistant to damp, high humidity and other adverse conditions found around the world while being as easy to apply as gypsum plaster, which lacks many of these properties.

Rebound Squash Court Plaster is manufactured to ISO: 9001 and ISO: 14001 standards and is certified by the World Squash federation for use at the highest levels of the game. It provides accurate and consistent rebound of the ball from a highly uniform surface. Its strength and resistance to abrasion allow it to retain these ideal characteristics over many years of impacts from balls, players and racquets that a court must endure.

Easy to Apply

Rebound plaster is no harder to apply than basic gypsum plaster - in fact it's easier. It is applied directly to the wall in a monolithic layer of 6-8mm, which eliminates the risk of delamination between coats. It is naturally white, so does not need to be painted. The tough surface is resistant to abrasion and air-borne pollutants and is not affected by damp or condensation, making it suited to humid or underground installations. The outstanding durability of Rebound plaster means it needs minimal maintenance, resulting in lower whole-life costs than other materials.

You can view our video showing full details of the application process to see how straight-forward it is.

Other Squash Products

While the squash court walls are the most critical part of a court and receive the most punishment, other elements are required for the construction of a squash court. Rebound offers a range of high-quality components to complete your squash court construction or renovation project, including:

  • Glass backs
  • Sprung floors
  • Battens
  • Line markings
  • Tins (boards)

Please contact us to discuss your detailed requirements.