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Rebound Squash has been developing and supplying high-quality materials for squash court construction for over 40 years. Our squash court plaster is accredited by the World Squash Federation for competition-grade courts, combining a true playing surface with industry-leading durability and resistance to damp, cracking and flaking. Rebound plaster is naturally white and needs no further finishing.

Rebound Sport 2000 squash court paint has been developed for situations where other materials have been used for the court walls, and a white finish is required. It chemically bonds to the wall surface to provide a tough, durable and easy to clean finish that is highly resitant to peeling, impact and abrasion, cracking, damp and humidity. It is also ideal for refurbishing existing courts. Its excellent playability has gained it accreditation from the World Squash Federation for use at the highest levels of the sport.

In addition to our long-life, low-maintenance playing surfaces, we also provide many other materials to the squash court construction industry, such as bonding agents, floor leveling compounds, glass court backs and wooden court floors. With many high-profile, competition-class installations throughout the UK and worldwide, Rebound is the perfect partner for professional sports facility developers across the globe.

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Rebound Plaster and Rebound Sport 2000 Squash Court Paint are accredited by the World Squash Federation for use in the construction of competition-class squash courts.

Rebound is continuously searching for profesional and competent contractors, to install high quality courts all over the world. If your company has experience in building sport facilities and you are interested in adding squash courts to your portfolio of products, please contact us.

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